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     1. Buttons #2 Animation Plugin Revision 2

     2. Presentation Wizard 6 Revision 2 (Second Notification)

     3. 10 Succinct Tweets about Graphic Workshop Professional 6
     4. Replying to this Message and List Removal


     WARNING: This book depicts treachery, deceit and really bad behavior.


     (...and it's not about the government. We too were shocked.)

     1. Buttons #2 Animation Plugin Revision 2

     An upgrade has been released for the Buttons #2 animation plugin. This 

     - Fixes a number of metrics issues.

     - Improves the behavior of shadows for pressed buttons.

     - Addresses a bug in the Liquid Metal style.

     - Fixes several memory and resource leaks that could appear under some
       builds of Windows.

     - Addresses a number of GDI and performance issues.


     Make your web pages sparkle, your PowerPoint presentations dance and 
     your e-mail reach through your monitor and grasp your recipients by 
     their collars, shaking them vigorously to make sure you have their 
     complete attention. The Buttons #2 plugin will give you access to 
     graphic buttons hitherto only available to page designers with high-end 
     graphic software and at least four years of their lives lost to design 

     The Buttons #2 plugin features sixteen extreme button styles, each one 
     infinitely configurable to create graphics that stand out like a laser 
     with brand new batteries. Plug it in now and it will be filling your 
     personal universe with superb button graphics by tea time, even if you 
     don't like tea.

     Build buttons that people will click on just for the rush.


     The Buttons #2 plugin for GIF Construction Set Professional 6 and 
     PNG MNG Construction Set 6 is available at:



     2. Presentation Wizard 6 Revision 2 (Second Notification)

     Presentation Wizard 6 has been updated. This release:

     - Adds a Clickable Image option to the Button object. Create large 
       clickable pictures that behave like clickable graphics at web pages.
       Clickable Image buttons can change pages, open documents, access
       web sites and do all sorts of other things, just like conventional
       buttons. See the discussion of Button objects in the Manual for

     - Adds controls to the Display Text editor to adjust the character 
       spacing and line spacing for Display Text objects. Squeeze your text
       into tighter spaces when things get crowded.

     - Adds an option to the Header editor to enable a pointing cursor for
       clickable objects in a Presentation Wizard document, these being 
       enabled buttons, check boxes and radio buttons. With the Pointing 
       Cursor option enabled, your moue cursor will change to a pointing
       finger when it passes over a clickable object in a Presentation 
       Wizard document.

     - Fixes several potential memory leaks in the Button object editor.

     - Fixes a bug in the JPEG import library that could crash the 
       application when the JPEG library was confronted with certain 
       pathological data.

     - Addresses a number of minor issues that crept into the initial 
       version 6 release.

     - Addresses a number of GDI and performance issues that software 
       developers never really stop meddling with.      

     - Updates the documentation.

     You can download Presentation Wizard 6 from:




     If you registered or upgraded a registration for Presentation Wizard 5 
     on or after January 1, 2015, you’re welcome to a free upgrade to 
     Presentation Wizard 6. 

     If you registered or upgraded a registration for Presentation Wizard 
     prior to January 1, 2015, you can upgrade to Presentation Wizard 6 for 
     half the cost of a new single-user license.

     When you first run Presentation Wizard 6, it will check to see if you 
     have a registration for Presentation Wizard 5 on your system. If it 
     finds one, it will display a window to tell you which of the foregoing 
     upgrade options is applicable. Click on the Upgrade button to visit our 
     web page and request or order an upgrade. 

     The upgrade window can subsequently be accessed through the Help > 
     Upgrade Manager > Upgrade from Previous Version item of Presentation 
     Wizard 6's menu bar.

     You can also visit the no-cost upgrade page directly at:


     and the upgrade order page at:


     3. 10 Succinct Tweets about Graphic Workshop Professional 6

     If you're among the tens of thousands of Graphic Workshop users who 
     don't follow us on Twitter - we're in no way offended by this - you'll 
     likely have missed the ongoing tweets that deal with often-overlooked 
     features of the known universe's most popular image management 

     Graphic Workshop Professional 6's ability to do practically everything 
     that can be done to pictures makes it relatively easy to use it every 
     day for years and still miss a few of its better tricks.

     Here are ten more of the finest features you never knew it had, fresh 
     from the Alchemy Mindworks Twitter account:

     - Resize your megapixel photos to screen size - in batches!

     - Pin frequently-used pictures with Favorites.

     - Secure delete pictures so they NEVER, EVER come back.

     - Wash your photos with the Canvas Downpour filter.

     - Make lots of little pictures into one big one with Montage.

     - Create the smallest possible JPGs - install the MOZ JPEG plugin.

     - Get outside the crop marks with the Prepress filter.

     - Open EPS documents and convert them to distributable JPEGs with the 
       EPS plugin.

     - Crop lots of pictures to fit on Twitter in one operation.

     - Fractals & Textures - totally useless, flawless time-wasters.

     You can download a copy of Graphic Workshop Professional 6 from:


     If you're still using Graphic Workshop 5, we invite you to enjoy all 
     the new functionality, enhanced performance and cool things to click 
     on - for half the new-user registration price. Please see: 


     See http://www.twitter.com/alchemymindwork to follow us on Twitter.


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