Downloading and Installation

You can ensure yourself a problem-free installation by following these steps. These instructions apply to new software installations and to updates for existing Alchemy Mindworks software and plugins.

  1. Important: If you have a third-party download manager or a download accelerator running on your system, you should disable it before you download files from one of our servers.

  2. Download the installer for this software. You will find several links for each downloadable installer – they all point to identical files. Click on one of the links. If you encounter an error message, the server you selected has reached its capacity – in this case, try another link.

    Note that some of the Download links can only be accessed through the clickable buttons. If you copy these links to another page, or manually paste them into your web browser, they won't work. They will also probably refuse to download anything if a third-party download manager or download accelerator is running on your system.

  3. Depending upon your browser configuration, one of the following windows will appear prior to your download beginning:

    • Run: Select this option to begin downloading. Once your download is complete, the installer you have selected will be executed and your download application or plugin will be installed.

    • Save As or Save File: Click on Save to begin downloading. Make sure to note the name of the folder in which your file is being saved.

    • File Download: Select Save This Program To Disk and click on OK. A Save As window will appear. Click on Save to begin downloading. Make sure to note the name of the folder in which your file is being saved.

  4. Wait for the installer you have selected to be completely downloaded.

  5. Make sure you don't have an earlier version of the software you're about to install running on your system. It's a good idea to disable any security applications when you install new software.

  6. If you chose to save your downloaded installer, rather than having it run automatically as soon as it was downloaded, you'll need to locate it and run it. Windows File Explorer will manage this for you – just double-click on your downloaded installer. If you use Firefox as your web browser, you can run your downloaded installer from the Download window.

In the event that the download server asks you for a user name and a password, one of the following is happening:

  1. You have attempted to download multiple files from the same server simultaneously. To discourage denial-of-service attacks, our servers are configured to allow no more than one download at a time per user. Please try another link, or wait for your current download to be completed.

  2. The FTP configuration of your web browser is incorrect. The FTP account name must be set to anomymous and the FTP password must be set to something that looks like an e-mail address, although it doesn't have to be a valid one. Consult the documentation for your web browser to locate these configuration items.

You must install and run Alchemy Mindworks applications as the same user. Please don't attempt to install them as Administrator and then run them as a normal user – doing so will break a number of aspects of the software.