Alchemy Mindworks Software Evaluation CD-ROM

The Alchemy mindworks Software Evaluation CD-ROM includes evaluation and registerable installers for all our current software products and plugins.

Try out as many Alchemy Mindworks products as you like, and register the ones you find useful. At such time as you register, we'll e-mail you registration keys that can be entered into the evaluation software you've installed — there's no need to uninstall the evaluation products and reinstall them for registration.

Note that the software on the evaluation CD-ROM will typically be several revision levels behind the software available for download at the Alchemy Mindworks web pages. The downloadable revision levels and the revision levels available on the CD are stated at the product pages, in their respective Download sections.

The Evaluation CD-ROM is identical to the software installation CD-ROM that we ship with orders for registered Alchemy Mindworks software. If you are ordering other Alchemy Mindworks software to be shipped to you on CD-ROM, you don't need to order the Evaluation CD.