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     1. The Ultimate Screen Clock 4 Patch 20

     2. Announcing Loops #1 Animation Plugin for GIF Construction Set and 
        PNG MNG Construction Set (Second Notification)

     3. VERY IMPORTANT: Site News

     4. 10 Sublime Tweets About Graphic Workshop (Second Notification)

     5. Replying to this Message and List Removal


     Want to see your elected officials ripped into bloody scraps of meat?


     Us too.



     1. The Ultimate Screen Clock 4 Patch 20

     This release of The Ultimate Screen Clock 4:

     - Adds several intense new animated digital clock styles - be sure to 
       experience Quark, Quark Outline and Vapor Lock. These styles are 
       available in two sizes — the Large size may not be suitable for 
       systems with slower processors or restricted resources.

       Note that the Quark styles may cause you to become unstuck in the
       matrix of space-time and coalesce in an altered reality if you look
       at them for extended periods. Just thought you'd want to know that.

     - Fine-tunes the metrics for a number of clock styles.

     - Addresses several issues in the World Time at a Glance window. 
       Middle-click in the Ultimate Screen Clock's application window to
       experience this feature, should it have hitherto eluded your notice.

     - Improves the performance of the clock rendering engine.

     - Addresses a number of GDI and performance issues.

     - Addresses some Windows 7 and Windows 8 issues.

     The Ultimate Screen Clock 4 is available for download at:



     If you'd like to see a gallery of the current clock styles that ship
     with The Ultimate Screen Clock 4, please visit:



     As of this writing, if you're still using The Ultimate Screen Clock 2, 
     you can upgrade to the new version 4 software for half price. Please see 


     to upgrade.


     2. Announcing the Loops #1 Animation Plugin for GIF Construction Set 
        Professional 4 and PNG MNG Construction Set 4 (Second Notification)

     Include digital video clips at your web page, in your PowerPoint 
     presentations, with your e-mail messages and in Presentation Wizard 
     documents — without the unprofessional jumps and hiccups that appear 
     every time they loop. 

     The Loops #1 plugin will apply your choice of twenty professional 
     special-effect loop transitions to your digital video animations so 
     they repeat smoothly.

     If it were any cooler, it would violate at least a dozen laws of 
     physics and make every polar bear north of the arctic circle really 

     We hasten to add that the Loops #1 plugin can be applied to animations 
     that didn't originate in a video camera as well.

     The Loops #1 plugin’s effects include Airlock, Blinds, Blocks, 
     Collapse, Credits, diamonds, Dissolve, Expand, Fade, Fuse, Radar, 
     Sandstorm, Slide, Tiles and Vortex.

     The Loops #1 Plugin costs $19.99.

     Please see:

     to download an evaluation copy. 

     Be sure to click on the Demonstration Window link when you get there 
     to see a few of its effects.


     3. VERY IMPORTANT: Site News
     If you haven't been receiving the postings to the Alchemy Mindworks
     update mailing list every weekend of late, your e-mail is probably 
     being blocked.

     Chances are that you're missing more than just the latest news about
     Graphic Workshop - it's hard to know when you're not getting mail.

     We've become aware that there's a new and unusually aggressive 
     blacklist turning up on a number of large commercial mail servers, and 
     it appears to be pretty indiscriminate about what it blocks. Thus far, 
     we've had questionable success at being removed from it.

     We've undertaken some considerable stealth and treachery to allow this
     week's posting to sneak around it.

     If you suspect your mail is being blocked, consider contacting your 
     ISP or mail provider and request that you be allowed to opt out of 
     their anti-spam solution.

     Should you discover that you've been beset by this issue, we recommend
     that you check out our blog-posting on the subject:


     Please refrain from throwing stuff.


     This posting has been brought to you by our newly installed mailing-list
     management software. It has a wealth of new features - in addition to
     subscribing to the list, it will assist you with:

     - Unsubscribing from the list - it would be an embarrassingly lame 
       list manager if it couldn't do this.
     - Changing your e-mail address in the mailing list database.

     - Reviewing the archive of previous postings. Admittedly, the archive
       doesn't go back very far as of this writing. If you've missed the
       last few weeks worth of postings, however, they're still available.

     You can access the mailing list's page from our web site - click on 
     Support, and then on the E-mail Update List link. You can go directly
     to the mailing list page with this link, should you be feeling 


     We should note that the mailing list page is due for some interior 
     decorating in the near future so it looks like the rest of our web
     site. Don't be alarmed by the weird furniture or the painting of
     dogs playing poker.

     In the event that you encounter any problems with the mailing list,
     please let us know at:


     4. 10 Sublime Tweets about Graphic Workshop. (Second Notification)

     If you're among the tens of thousands of Graphic Workshop users who 
     don't follow us on Twitter - we're in no way offended by this - you'll 
     likely have missed the ongoing tweets that deal with often-overlooked 
     features of the known universe's most popular image management 

     Graphic Workshop's ability to do practically everything that can be 
     done to pictures makes it relatively easy to use it every day for 
     years and still miss a few of its better tricks.

     Here are ten more of the finest features you never knew it had, fresh 
     from the Alchemy Mindworks Twitter account:

     - Create page backgrounds, photo mats and alternate universes with 
       Textures and Fractals.

     - Uncover duplicates of your photos no matter where they lurk on your 
       hard drive with Find Similar.

     - Refine the contrast of your photos intuitively with the Sigmoidal 
       Contrast filter.

     - Adjust the JPEG subsampling setting for flawless color in the JPG 
       files you create.

     - Secure delete - when it's time to make your photos gone, make sure 
       they stay gone.

     - Add captions to your photos with the Caption function.

     - Build distributable montages of your photos with Montage Builder.

     - Turn your photos into instant clickable web pages with Web Gallery.

     - Embrace the 19th century with the Sepia filter.

     - Refine your photos with a few clicks - power up Photography Workshop.

     You can download a copy of Graphic Workshop from:


     If you're still using Graphic Workshop Professional 3, we invite you
     to enjoy all the new functionality, enhanced performance and cool 
     things to click on - for half the new-user registration price. Please 


     Please see http://www.twitter.com/alchemymindwork to follow us on 


     5. Replying to this Message and List Removal

     Do not reply to this message - all returned or replied messages from
     this posting will be ignored by the server.

     To remove your address from this mailing list or to change your 
     address, please visit our web page at:


     and unsubscribe from the list.


     If you have questions about this list or any Alchemy Mindworks
     products, please contact us at:


     Please note that instructions to the mailing list cannot be processed 
     at the above page.

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