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     1. The Ultimate Screen Clock 5 Revision 4 

     2. Graphic Workshop Professional 5 Plugins Updated (Second Notification)

     3. Replying to this Message and List Removal


     Think of it as a Boxing Day Sale on treachery, mayhem and madness.




     1. The Ultimate Screen Clock 5 Revision 4 

     The Ultimate Screen Clock 5 has been updated. This release:

     - Adds a new clock style - experience the Wedge, in two sizes and eight
       colors. Eye protection is recommended.

     - Fine-tunes several aspects of the Mariner style from the previous

     - Improves still more aspects of the clock rendering engine.

     - Updates the validation logic to address some occasional hiccups that 
       could manifest themselves during updates. You'll notice that it now
       displays an additional window after you complete the validation of
       this update. Fear not - it's a one shot deal.

     - Adds resizable File Open and Save As windows. You can now make them
       as big as the universe itself - if you have a larger-than-normal
       monitor - and they'll stay that way between sessions.

     - Improves a number of user-interface, GDI and performance issues...
       these being the things software developers just can't stop refining.

     - Fixes a number of issues that appeared during the upgrade to 
       version 5.

     - Updates the documentation.

     You can download The Ultimate Screen Clock 5 from:




     If you're still using The Ultimate Screen Clock 4, we invite you to
     upgrade to the current software and enjoy all the new clock styles
     and enhanced functionality it offers.

     As of this writing, upgrades to The Ultimate Screen Clock 5 are still
     available for half the single-user registration cost - $12.49.

     Please visit


     to upgrade.


     2. Graphic Workshop Professional 5 Plugins Updated (Second Notification)

     The library of format plugins for Graphic Workshop Professional 5 has
     been updated. These releases:

     - Enjoy more sophisticated memory management to occupy a smaller memory
       footprint, resulting in better performance... especially on systems
       with slower processors, limited resources or lots and lots of other
       stuff happening.

     - Improve the file handling, for quicker reads and writes.

     - Improve the color management for those plugins that use it.

     - Improve the plugin interface, so Graphic Workshop can do less 
       thinking when it imports the plugins, and as such, boot up in less

     - Implements our work-around for the Microsoft installer limitation 
       that hitherto required each previous release of the Graphic Workshop 
       plugins to be uninstalled before an update could be installed. These 
       releases of the plugins can be installed right over the previous ones
       - they will in fact automatically uninstall the previous plugins as 
       part of the install. 

     The updated plugins are:

     - The RAW Digital Camera Plugin: Enjoy better-than-JPEG image quality 
       from most high-end digital cameras.


     - The PostScript (EPS, PS, AI, PDF) Plugin: Read and write PostScript,
       encapsulated PostScript, Illustrator and PDF documents. 

     - The ART Plugin: Read and write AOL Johnson-Grace ART files, the 
       default on-line graphic format for America On-Line back in the day. 
       This plugin also supports PFS Art, should you have a well-oiled time
       machine interfaced to your laptop.


     - The MOZ JPEG Plugin. Install this plugin and the JPG files written by
       Graphic Workshop will be about ten percent smaller, with no loss of
       image quality compared to conventional JPEG compression. We too were
       shocked when this worked.


     - The SFW (Seattle FilmWorks) Plugin: One of the earliest adventurers
       into the dark heart of consumer digital photography, Seattle 
       FilmWorks offered users of their photofinishing services the option 
       of receiving their pictures on CD-ROMs... back in the twentieth 
       century. They're gone, but a surprising number of their old CDs 
       remain. If your memories are locked up on one, Graphic Workshop can
       convert those ancient pictures to a modern format.


     Click on the foregoing links to download the updated plugins.

     The RAW Digital Camera plugin costs $34.99 - the update to the current 
     release is available at no cost to previously registered users of this 

     The other Graphic Workshop Professional plugins are no-cost downloads
     for registered users of Graphic Workshop Professional 5.


     3. Replying to this Message and List Removal

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     products, please contact us at:


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