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      1. Announcing Graphic Workshop Professional 8
      2. Replying to this Message and List Removal




     (Lots of spy cameras and handguns... sorry, no light sabers.)


     1. Announcing Graphic Workshop Professional 8

     Graphic Workshop Professional 8 has been released. 

     We've refined the internal architecture of Graphic Workshop 
     Professional to make it faster, more memory-efficient and better able 
     to take advantage of the functionality of Windows 7, 8 and 10.

     While most of the seriously cool changes embodied in Graphic Workshop 
     Professional 8 are "under the hood," users of the latest release will
     notice that it's noticeable quicker, especially for functions that call
     for significant system resources, such as thumbnail management.
     The updated architecture will also allow us to add new features to 
     Graphic Workshop that were impractical or genuinely impossible under 
     version 7.



     The changes in version 8 include:

     - The View mode Filters window has been completely rewritten. It 
       features numeric as well as interactive controls; a full-screen
       preview window (hold down Shift when you click on the Preview
       button); Save and Open for the parameters of individual filters;
       and a new architecture that will allow us to add further 
       functionality to the Filters window going forward.

     - The Adjust window now features numeric as well as interactive 
       controls, and smoother filter functions.

     - Graphic Workshop Professional 8 is now supported by a professional
       printed book, available through Amazon. You'll see a window about it 
       the first time the software boots up, and you can find out more by 
       selecting Printed Reference from Graphic Workshop's Help menu, or by 
       clicking on he red book cover at the Graphic Workshop web page.

     - Presentation Wizard UltraLight is now bundled with Graphic
       Workshop. Build complete distributable Windows applications with
       your pictures and text in this simplified edition of our popular
       Presentation Wizard software.

     - Archive Manager has been enhanced to support AES encryption and 
       decryption, and to support ZIP archives larger than four gigabytes.
       It's notably quicker, and a number of software issues have been

       Archive Manager offers a wider range of configuration items to allow
       it to be customized to your needs.

     - GIF Construction Set UltraLight has been updated to manage color 
       reduction more effectively, improving the performance of its Animation

     - The prompt before overwrite issue in Graphic Workshop that caused 
       incorrect preview images to be displayed in some circumstances has 
       been nailed.         

     - CMYK TIFF files with alpha transparency now read and display 

     - The Graphic Workshop View window is faster and smoother to work with.

     - Several issues with Montage Builder UltraLight have been addressed, 
       including a problem that could crash the application if a previous
       file was selected from the File menu, under some builds of Windows.

     - Graphic Workshop Professional 8 will optionally import most of the
       configuration items of an existing Graphic Workshop 7 installation,
       if there's one on your system, eliminating the need to restore 
       your browsers and preferences by hand.

     - Bags of lesser issues have been addressed in Graphic Workshop and 
       its ancillary applications.

     - Updates the documentation.

     We'd like to take this opportunity to express our sincere regrets for
     the minor bump in the price of Graphic Workshop. In our defense, it's 
     been about a decade and a half since it last changed. Bookkeepers may 
     not be the most irresistible force in the universe, but they are the 
     most relentless.

     You can Graphic Workshop Professional 8 from:




     If you registered or upgraded a registration for Graphic Workshop 
     Professional 7 on or after March 1, 2017, you’re welcome to a no-cost
     upgrade to Graphic Workshop Professional 8. 

     If you registered or upgraded a registration for Graphic Workshop 
     Professional 7 prior to March 1, 2017, you can upgrade to Graphic 
     Workshop Professional 8 for half the cost of a new single-user license.

     When you first run Graphic Workshop Professional 8, it will check to see 
     if you have a registration for Graphic Workshop Professional 7 on your 
     system. If it finds one, it will display a window to tell you which of 
     the foregoing upgrade options is applicable. Click on the Upgrade button
     to visit our web page and request or order an upgrade. 

     The upgrade window can subsequently be accessed through the Help > 
     Upgrade Manager > Upgrade from Previous Version item of Graphic Workshop 
     Professional 8's menu bar.

     The Graphic Workshop Professional no-cost upgrade key offer ends on 
     November 30, 2017.

     You can also visit the no-cost upgrade page directly at:


     and the upgrade order page at:




     All the format plugins for Graphic Workshop Professional have been 
     upgraded to run with Graphic Workshop Professional 8.

     If you have registered the RAW Digital Camera plugin for a previous
     release of Graphic Workshop, your existing registration key is still
     valid. You'll just need to download the version 8 installer for this

     All the Graphic Workshop plugins are at:


     IMPORTANT: If you have plugins installed under Graphic Workshop 7 and
     you plan to uninstall Graphic Workshop 7 to replace it with the new
     Graphic Workshop Professional 8, please be sure uninstall all your 
     version 7 plugins, and then uninstall Graphic Workshop 7.


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