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 1. *Graphic Workshop Professional 14 — Coming Next Weekend*
 2. *Dragonsbane — The Magus Edition *(second notification)
 3. *Replying to this Message, List Removal and Details*

*Dragonsbane is now available in a single volume.

(See item 2, below.)

C**lick on the book*.
	Click on this book <http://www.stevenwilliamrimmer.com/dragonsbane.html>

    Graphic Workshop Professional 14
    Coming Next Weekend


*Graphic Workshop Professional 14* is almost ready to rock!

With exciting new functionality, some serious performance improvements 
and innumerable enhancements, Graphic Workshop Professional 14 will make 
your pictures dance like a prima ballerina on steroids.

If you're currently running a registered installation of Graphic 
Workshop Professional 11 or 12*, we invite you to upgrade your 
registration now for *half price* and enjoy a no-cost and pretty much 
instantaneous registration for Graphic Workshop Professional 14 when it 
sees daylight next month.

Click on the blue button below to visit the upgrade page.

    Upgrade <http://www.mindworkshop.com/upgrade.html>

As someone will unquestionably ask, the major version number of our 
software is poised to jump from 12, where it's at now, to 14 this fall 
because our experience has shown us that a substantial number of our 
users are uncomfortable installing anything with the number 13 in its 
version. We're not here to judge.

Astute users of Graphic Workshop Professional 12 will have observed that 
its revision number skipped revision 13 a few months ago, for just this 


If you qualify for a no-cost upgrade to Graphic Workshop Professional 
14, you can request an upgrade key at any time by visiting the no-cost 
upgrade page <http://www.mindworkshop.com/gwskey.html>.

*If you registered or upgraded a registration for Graphic Workshop 
Professional 12 on or after June 1, 2022, you're already welcome to a 
no-cost upgrade to version 14.

The graphic of the woman with a digital camera is by Kurhan and is used 
under license from StockFresh.

    Dragonsbane — The Magus Edition*


We’ve been asked if it might be possible to offer Dragonsbane as a 
single volume.

Dragonsbane The Magus Edition embodies every word of the original 
five-volume book set — 549,436 words, in fact — and it succeeds in 
confining them between a single set of covers.

Contrary to what we initially predicted, the resulting book does not 
require some manner of hydraulic support to read it. It’s less expensive 
than the original five-volume set, and easier to carry, should you want 
to transport the entire tale at once.

Please click on the blue button, below.

Steven William Rimmer

    Read It <http://www.stevenwilliamrimmer.com/dragonsbane.html>

The dragon on the cover of Dragonsbane was derived from the photograph 
Munich Dragon on the City Hall Building by Nino Barbieri. The cover 
graphic includes a detail from the photograph Ye Olde Scroll by John 
Hughes. See the Dragonsbane 
<http://www.stevenwilliamrimmer.com/dragonsbane.html> web page for 
complete credits.

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