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 1. *Announcing Graphic Workshop Professional 14*
 2. *Dragonsbane — The Magus Edition *(additional notification)
 3. *Replying to this Message, List Removal and Details*

*Dragonsbane... now the entire tale can be told.

(See item 2, below.)

C**lick on the book*.
	Click on this book <http://www.stevenwilliamrimmer.com/dragonsbane.html>

    Announcing Graphic Workshop Professional 14


*Graphic Workshop Professional 14* has been released.

We've added new functionality to the known universe's most popular image 
management application, improved its performance, included some fresh 
ancillary software and generally refined it to better get along with 
Windows 10 and 11. (We hasten to add that it still performs admirably 
under earlier builds of Windows, all the way back to Windows XP, if 
you're feeling retro.)

Among the new features and enhancements to Graphic Workshop Professional
14, you'll find:

  * <http://doc.mindworkshop.com/animatetransitions.html>*Animate
    Transitions:* Create sophisticated animations and videos from your
    favorite photographs. The example to your right doesn't get within a
    light-year of the capabilities of this technology — click on it to
    experience a much higher-resolution video, complete with a sound track.

    Select Animate Objects from the Image menu of Graphic Workshop, and
    then Animate Transitions from the sub-menu that appears. Add some of
    your own pictures to the Animate Transitions window, click on
    Preview and be amazed.

  * *Speed:* The low-level pixel logic for Graphic Workshop and its
    ancillary applications has been re-written in optimized machine
    language. Since most of what Graphic Workshop does involves managing
    pixels, it has become substantially quicker.

  * *JPEG Security:* The Graphic Workshop JPEG library has been updated
    to the latest release to address several potential security and
    performance issues. We'd like to take this opportunity to urge all
    users of Graphic Workshop to update to this release, 'coz the
    universe has a lot of really bad people in it.

  * *WebP:* The WebP library has been updated to improve its performance.

  * *TIFF:* Graphic Workshop's TIFF functionality has been updated to
    support a much wider palette of TIFF files, and to address a number
    of performance issues. While TIFF may in fact be something of a
    revenant of the distant past, TIFF graphics don't think so, and they
    still turn up.

  * *Impact:* The new Impact filter in Graphic Workshop's View mode
    Filter window will refine and nuance your photographs... or it will
    rip a hole in space-time and make your pictures visible from low
    Earth orbit. With awesome power comes awesome responsibility.

  * *Animation:* A memory leak in the Graphic Workshop animation and
    video logic that could shut down Graphic Workshop under some
    configurations of Windows is now history.

  * *Identify Mystery Files:* The batch mode of Graphic Workshop's
    Identify Mystery Files window has been improved to correctly deal
    with documents having no file extensions, and to speed up its

  * *More Identify Mystery Files:* All Graphic Workshop's batch
    processes will now apprise you of source documents having incorrect
    extensions, and automatically rename them for you.

  * *Filters:* A number of Graphic Workshop's image filters that rely on
    lookup tables have been improved to remove inappropriate dark pixels
    under some configurations of Windows.

  * *Font Wrangler UltraLight: *Preview, install and remove fonts with
    the font management tool that should have come with Windows.

  * *Overrides:* An issue with the format override logic in the View
    mode Save As window that caused the wrong format override window to
    open under some configurations of Windows is history.

  * *Shards: *The View mode Shards filter logic has been enhanced to
    handle image edges more convincingly.

  * *Textures:* A number of image instabilities in the Textures and
    Fractals window have been addressed.

  * *Colors:* The color selection window that appears whenever Graphic
    Workshop prompts you to select a color has been enhanced with an
    expanded palette of more contemporary colors — scroll to the bottom
    of the list to see them. In addition, you can now re-arrange the
    color list by dragging and dropping its items.

  * *Video: *Conversion from animations to digital video under Graphic
    Workshop will now preserve the original animation running time.

  * *Social Media:* Two new background options have been added to the
    Graphic Workshop Social Media window. A memory leak in Social media
    has been stomped.

  * *Browser Windows:* An issue that could cause Graphic Workshop's
    browser windows to be positioned such that their scroll bars were
    inaccessible under some configurations of Windows has been addressed.

  * *AVI:* Several issues with the AVI Override window have been
    addressed, and the AVI writer now correctly manages the length of
    sound objects in documents converted to AVI.

  * *Virtual Thumbnails:* Graphic Workshop's virtual thumbnail engine
    will now access the Windows thumbnail database for its images,
    making the virtual thumbnail mode shockingly quick.

  * *Rotate Filter: *The Graphic Workshop View mode Rotate filter's
    Preserve Original Size option now handles background colors correctly.

  * *File Names: *Graphic Workshop now defaults to looking for exact
    matches for file extensions. In previous editions, Windows'
    ambiguity in dealing with extensions like .JPE and .JPEG could
    persuade Graphic Workshop to duplicate some browser items, or not
    show them at all.

The *Graphic Workshop*Click on this book 
<http://www.mindworkshop.com/gwsprint.html>*Printed Reference* has been 
revised for the version 14 software, and it includes sections for all 
the new functionality. It's available through Amazon — there's a link to 
it at the Graphic Workshop web page, and you can access it through the 
Get The Graphic Workshop Printed Reference item of Graphic Workshop's 
Help menu. Alternately, just click on the book to your right.

All the *Graphic Workshop plugins* have been upgraded to install in 
version 14. Note that if you're currently using an earlier version of 
Graphic Workshop and its attendant plugins:

  * Be sure to uninstall the version 12 plugins before you install
    Graphic Workshop Professional 14. Failing this, Graphic Workshop
    Professional 14 should prompt you to do so automatically the first
    time you run it.

  * You'll need to download and install the new plugin installers to run
    under Graphic Workshop Professional 14.

  * The plugin installers will install plugins for both the 32- and
    64-bit editions of Graphic Workshop as applicable — you don't have
    to download separate 32- and 64-bit plugins.

If you're using a registered installation of the Graphic Workshop RAW 
Digital Camera and Smartphone plugin for an earlier release of Graphic 
Workshop, note that your existing registration key will work with the 
version 14 plugin — you won't have to buy it again.

As in years past, when you run Graphic Workshop Professional 14 for the 
first time, it will look for a previous installation of Graphic Workshop 
Professional 12 and optionally *copy your existing configuration*, so 
you won't have to set everything up by hand. Even your open browser 
windows will be preserved.

Note that if you installed both the 32- and 64-bit editions of Graphic 
Workshop Professional 12 on the same computer, the automatic uninstall 
will only remove one of them. You'll need to remove its sibling by hand.

Click on the blue button to download Graphic Workshop Professional 14.

    Download <http://www.mindworkshop.com/gwspro.html#download>


If you have registered or upgraded a registration for Graphic Workshop 
Professional 12 on or after June 1, 2022, you're welcome to a *no-cost 
upgrade* to Graphic Workshop Professional 14.

If you have registered or upgraded a registration for Graphic Workshop 
Professional 12 prior to June 1, 2022, we invite you to upgrade to 
Graphic Workshop Professional 14 for *half the current new-user price*.

The first time you run Graphic Workshop Professional 14, it will 
determine which upgrade option applies to your license.

Click on the blue button below to visit the upgrade page.

    Upgrade <http://www.mindworkshop.com/upgrade.html>

You can access the no-cost upgrade page 
<http://www.mindworkshop.com/gwskey.html> directly by clicking on the 
foregoing link.

The graphic of the woman with a digital camera is by Kurhan and is used 
under license from StockFresh.

    Dragonsbane — The Magus Edition*


We’ve been asked if it might be possible to offer Dragonsbane as a 
single volume.

Dragonsbane The Magus Edition embodies every word of the original 
five-volume book set — 549,436 words, in fact — and it succeeds in 
confining them between a single set of covers.

Contrary to what we initially predicted, the resulting book does not 
require some manner of hydraulic support to read it. It’s less expensive 
than the original five-volume set, and easier to carry, should you want 
to transport the entire tale at once.

Please click on the blue button, below.

Steven William Rimmer

    Read It <http://www.stevenwilliamrimmer.com/dragonsbane.html>

The dragon on the cover of Dragonsbane was derived from the photograph 
Munich Dragon on the City Hall Building by Nino Barbieri. The cover 
graphic includes a detail from the photograph Ye Olde Scroll by John 
Hughes. See the Dragonsbane 
<http://www.stevenwilliamrimmer.com/dragonsbane.html> web page for 
complete credits.

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