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 1. *Announcing Graphic Workshop Professional 15 * (new this weekend)
 2. *Replying to this Message, List Removal and Details*

*If it were any hotter,
it would set fire to itself.
(...and our lawyers would go absolutely ballistic.).***

* **Click on the book.**
	Click on this book <http://www.stevenwilliamrimmer.com/dragonsbane.html>

    Graphic Workshop Professional 15


*Graphic Workshop Professional 15* has been released.

We've added new functionality to the known universe's most popular image 
management application, improved its performance and generally refined 
it to better get along with Windows 10 and 11. (We hasten to add that it 
still performs admirably under earlier builds of Windows, all the way 
back to Windows XP, if you're feeling retro.)

Among the new features and enhancements to Graphic Workshop Professional
15, you'll find:

  * *Speed:* A quicker and more efficient architecture to make the most
    of the latest releases of Windows.

  * *Matrix:* Create picture matrices like the ones to your right with a
    few clicks. The Graphic Workshop 15 Matrix window offers a rich
    palette of matrix styles, at pretty much any resolution you need.

    Select Matrix from the Graphic Workshop Image menu, select your
    favorite photographs and Graphic Workshop will do all the complex
    arithmetic for you.

    Matrix graphics are an epic way to add multiple pictures to a web
    page without having to devise the HTML to arrange them.

  * *AXES:* Graphic Workshop 15 includes a downloadable no-cost plugin
    that supports AXES, our encrypted graphic standard. With a suitably
    robust pass phrase, an AXES graphic can resist attempts to crack its
    encryption for approximately 26-trillion years.

  * *JPEG XL:* The 64-bit edition of Graphic Workshop 15 supports JPEG
    XL, a leading-edge enhancement of JPEG by the JPEG format's original

  * *JPEG XR:* The 64-bit edition of Graphic Workshop 15 also supports
    JPEG XR, Microsoft's putative replacement for JPEG.

  * *JPEG 2000:* Graphic Workshop 15 includes full read and write
    support for JPEG 2000 documents.

  * *SVG: *The 64-bit edition of Graphic Workshop 15 includes SVG
    support, to view and convert from scalable vector graphics.

  * *ICNS: *Graphic Workshop 15 can read and create Macintosh ICNS icon
    documents. If you like to collect icons, it opens up a huge library
    of hitherto inaccessible pictures.

  * *QR Codes:* Graphic Workshop 15 can create QR codes with any content
    you need. Embed them in your graphics to include copyright
    information or a link to your web page.

    Print them as hard copy and affix them to walls — passers-by will
    scan them to see what they're up to.

    The 64-bit edition of Graphic Workshop can locate QR codes in your
    pictures and tell you what they say. It will also provide you with
    clickable links to any web page addresses it finds therein.

  * *QOI:* Graphic Workshop 15 supports the Quite OK Image format, a
    shockingly quick way to store pictures.

  * *EXR: *The 64-bit edition of Graphic Workshop 15 includes support
    for Industrial Light & Magic's EXR graphics.*

  * *PBM, PGM and PPM:* Graphic Workshop 15 supports the standard Linux
    graphic formats.

  * *XCF:* Graphic Workshop 15 will read and write GIMP XCF graphic

  * *<http://gra.mindworkshop.com/1122-001.jpg>Mosaic:* Graphic Workshop
    15's Mosaic window will build photographic mosaics - graphics
    created from tiles derived from your library of pictures.

    Click on the example to your right to see what it's really up to.
    Zoom in to see how it was constructed.

    We hasten to add that while mosaic graphics look cool on screen,
    they're amazing printed as hard copy.

  * *Photoshop Plugins: *The 64-bit edition of Graphic Workshop 15 can
    import most third-party Photoshop-compatible plugins, and
    subsequently apply the effects contained therein to your graphics.
    Be sure to read the discussion of Photoshop plugins in the Reference
    section of Graphic Workshop's documentation.

  * *Status Bar:* The Graphic Workshop 15 status bar has been updated to
    display the aggregate file size for selected objects... a hitherto
    implemented feature that vanished some time ago when an unnoticed
    bug crept into it.

  * ***Smart Thumbnails:* Graphic Workshop 15 includes a new smart
    thumbnail mode that fetches its thumbnail images from the Windows
    thumbnail cache. If you'll be looking at graphics in common formats,
    such as JPG, PNG, WebP and GIF, smart thumbnails are quick,
    uncomplicated and they don't require the creation of THN files. See
    the discussion of Smart Thumbnail in the Thumbnails section of
    Graphic Workshop's Reference document.

  * *Favorites:* The Graphic Workshop Favorites window will now fetch
    its thumbnails from the Windows thumbnail cache by default, making
    it substantially quicker for common file formats.

  * ***View:* Graphic Workshop 15's View window now includes jump
    buttons to move to the previous or next graphic in a browser. Hover
    your mouse cursor over the left or right edge of the View window to
    summon a jump button.

    Jump buttons can be disabled in the View mode Configuration window
    if you aren't in a jumping mood.

    The un-maximize button the title bar of Graphic Workshop's View
    window is now disabled by default. It can be restored in Setup.
    Users who found the View window being resized by other applications
    can stop wondering what caused this phenomenon. We don't know
    either, but it's history.

  * *Plugin SDK:* If you'd like to see Graphic Workshop support formats
    it currently doesn't, we invite you to download the Graphic Workshop
    Plugin SDK, everything you'll need to create your own format
    plugins... as long as you have a suitable language compiler and you
    know how to use it.

  * *WebP:* The WebP Override window has been updated to correctly apply
    its parameters to animations.

  * *Animation Workshop UltraLight: *Several issues in the application's
    user interface have been addressed.

  * *Themes:* An issue in the theme interface common to most Alchemy
    Mindworks software that could leak resources and occasionally crash
    the applications in question has been mercilessly stomped.

The *Graphic Workshop*Click on this book 
<http://www.mindworkshop.com/gwsprint.html>*Printed Reference* has been 
revised for the version 15 software, and it includes sections for all 
the new functionality. It's available through Amazon — there's a link to 
it at the Graphic Workshop web page, and you can access it through the 
Get The Graphic Workshop Printed Reference item of Graphic Workshop's 
Help menu. Alternately, just click on the book to your right.

All the *Graphic Workshop plugins* have been upgraded to install in 
version 15. Note that if you're currently using an earlier version of 
Graphic Workshop and its attendant plugins:

  * Be sure to uninstall the version 14 plugins before you install
    Graphic Workshop Professional 15. Failing this, Graphic Workshop
    Professional 15 should prompt you to do so automatically the first
    time you run it.

  * You'll need to download and install the new plugin installers to run
    under Graphic Workshop Professional 15.

  * The plugin installers will install plugins for both the 32- and
    64-bit editions of Graphic Workshop as applicable — you don't have
    to download separate 32- and 64-bit plugins.

If you're using a registered installation of the Graphic Workshop RAW 
Digital Camera and Smartphone plugin for an earlier release of Graphic 
Workshop, note that your existing registration key will work with the 
version 15 plugin — you won't have to buy it again.

As in years past, when you run Graphic Workshop Professional 15 for the 
first time, it will look for a previous installation of Graphic Workshop 
Professional 14 and optionally *copy your existing configuration*, so 
you won't have to set everything up by hand. Even your open browser 
windows will be preserved.

Note that if you installed both the 32- and 64-bit editions of Graphic 
Workshop Professional 14 on the same computer, the automatic uninstall 
will only remove one of them. You'll need to uninstall its sibling by hand.

Click on the blue button to download Graphic Workshop Professional 15.

If you haven't done so previously, we recommend that you install the 
Alchemy Mindworks trusted certificate 
and disable the Smart Screen blue window of doom 
prior to downloading Alchemy Mindworks software.

    Download <http://www.mindworkshop.com/gwspro.html#download>


If you have registered or upgraded a registration for Graphic Workshop 
Professional 14 on or after April 1, 2023, you're welcome to a *no-cost 
upgrade* to Graphic Workshop Professional 15.

If you have registered or upgraded a registration for Graphic Workshop 
Professional 14 prior to April 1, 2023, we invite you to upgrade to 
Graphic Workshop Professional 15 for *half the current new-user price*.

The first time you run Graphic Workshop Professional 15, it will 
determine which upgrade option applies to your license.

Click on the blue button below to visit the upgrade page.

    Upgrade <http://www.mindworkshop.com/upgrade.html>

You can access the no-cost upgrade page 
<http://www.mindworkshop.com/gwskey.html> directly by clicking on the 
foregoing link.

The graphic of the woman with a digital camera is by Kurhan and is used 
under license from StockFresh. The people in the example graphics in 
this section don't exist — their pictures were created by an AI at
This-Person-Does-not-Exist.com. Photoshop is a trademark of Adobe 
Systems Incorporated. Alchemy Mindworks has no business relationship 
with Adobe Systems Incorporated, and the name Photoshop is used herein 
for descriptive purposes only.

    Replying to this Message, List Removal and Details


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