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Lost Registration Key Robot

Your key isn't lost, it's just misplaced...

If you've lost or forgotten the registration key for your Alchemy Mindworks software, you can request a replacement key through this page. Requests for replacement registration keys are processed by a robot.

In order to successfully process your request for a replacement registration key, the robot must have all of the following information provided correctly. While it can do some fuzzy logic comparisons to deal with minor variations in street names and such, missing fields will usually confuse it.

When you submit this page, the robot will scan the Alchemy Mindworks registration key database and e-mail your registration key to you. Please note that robot requests are batch processed — while lost registration key requests are typically processed within hour or two, you may not receive your replacement registration key for up to one business day.

The Alchemy Mindworks registration key database only goes back to version 4 in 2010. If you registered software prior to 2010 and have lost your key, we will be unable to assist you.

Please read the following carefully before you use the robot.

  • This page cannot provide replacement keys for software which has been registered through a reseller, software provided for review, software purchased by a credit card transaction which was subsequently disputed or software paid for by a cheque which was dishonoured by your bank.

  • The robot will permit a limited number of attempts to locate your key within any 30-day period. Please be certain to verify the information you submit.

  • The robot will only process a limited number of requests in a 24-hour period, and will ignore any additional requests without reply. If you send it a large number of requests — for example, trying multiple permutations of your name, address or year of registration — it may decide you're trying to overwhelm it, and refuse to process any further requests from you for an extended period.

  • The registration keys for the extant versions of Alchemy Mindworks' applications are different. If you registered an older version back at the dawn of time, the robot will not provide you with a key for a newer release.

  • Registration key replacement is no longer available for software older than version 4.

  • If the robot replies that it can't find your key, one of the following is the case:

○ You have entered incorrect information into one or more of its fields.

○ You originally registered your software under a different name.

○ You haven't actually registered and you're not in the database.

We are unable to search the database any more effectively than you can through this page. Please don't contact us for help in locating lost registration keys if the robot turns you down.

  • You must have registered, had your order processed and received your software or e-mailed registration keys before the robot will be able to find you in the database. Please don't use this page to try to obtain your registration key immediately after you place an order. Such requests will always fail.

The highlighted fields below are required — your request will not be delivered if any of them are blank or unselected.

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LEGAL DOGMA: All information submitted through this form will be treated in confidence. Alchemy Mindworks accepts no responsibility for any loss, damage or expense caused by your use of this page, however it occurs. By clicking on the submit button, below, you indicate that you accept these terms and that you indemnify and hold blameless Alchemy Mindworks and all its stockholders and suppliers from any monetary costs including attorney's fees and court costs arising out of your use of this page and any information provided by it. You further assert that you are the individual or the legitimate representative of the organization indicated above, and that you have a legitimate right to request the information to be provided by this page. Alchemy Mindworks may, at its discretion, seek civil and/or criminal penalties for parties misusing this page or information provided by it. The availability of this page does not constitute an assurance or contract on the part of Alchemy Mindorks to provide the information described herein. The lawyers made us say that.