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Our e-mail is usually answered within one hour during business hours, and within one business day at other times. We've been known to let this lofty ideal slip now and again when we get really swamped, but we will get back to you as quickly as possible.

In contacting us for assistance with technical matters, we ask that you state your questions as clearly and simply as possible, using no all-caps text, jargon, abbreviations or other bits we're unlikely to understand. We're pleased to assist you, but doing so will be somewhat tricky if we don't know what you're asking.

If we reply to you and you reply to our reply — a phenomenon referred to as a "message thread" — please quote all the previous messages in the thread. We respond to hundreds of messages per day, and this is the only way we'll be able to keep track of what's been said.

We are only able to respond to messages written in English.

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Alchemy Mindworks will not condone the use of its e-mail resources for the distribution of spam and other unsolicited advertising.

If you have encountered a problem with our software, an order placed with us or something to do with our web pages or servers, be assured that it wasn't meant personally and we'd like to resolve it without flames, bloodshed or limited nuclear warfare. Contacting us in a polite, reasonable manner will get your problem addressed promptly.

We're extremely serious about privacy — please see our privacy statement for more about this. All communications through this page are deemed to be governed by this document — by sending us e-mail, you agree to be bound by its terms.