Alpha Paint + Icon Editor

Quick, easy transparent graphics and icons

For Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 and Windows 11.

Alpha Paint is a sophisticated Windows paint application to draw and manage graphics with full alpha transparency. It will create professional web page images, eye-catching effects for social media, killer graphics for PowerPoint presentations, titles for videos and pretty much anything else that requires leading-edge art and transparency.

In addition, it can create and edit Windows icons.

Alpha Paint is intuitive, easy to use and it won't require that you get involved with complicated mathematics, higher-order spatial dimensions or a manual that requires more than one human lifetime to read. Anyone with sufficient eye-hand coordination to successfully operate a web browser should be able to master Alpha Paint in under an hour.

It's also reasonably priced.

Alpha Paint enjoys a variety of selection tools; antialiased drawing and text; full alpha drawing resources, soft brushes, local undo, variable magnification and an intuitive user interface — you might not even need its extensive, accessible documentation and tutorials.

This software is available for electronic delivery and on DVD-ROM.

Alpha Paint's Features Include:

  • Create and edit alpha-channel graphics stored as BMP, PNG, TGA and WebP files.
  • Draw with antialiasing to create smooth, professional lines, shapes and text.
  • Build professional Windows icons in minutes.
  • Alpha-mask your photographs for seamless web page integration.
  • Make radical alternations to your pictures. One nose is never enough.
  • Work quickly — the intuitive user interface of Alpha Paint will keep your mouse from melting down.
  • Get up to speed with Alpha Paint's extensive documentation and tutorials.

If you're uncertain whether you need Alpha Paint or our popular e-Paint image editing and drawing application, check out this comparison between them.

IMPORTANT: Alpha Paint requires access to the Internet to validate itself after installation. Please see the discussion of registration key security for a detailed discussion of this functionality.



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Alpha Paint is available in 32- and 64-bit editions. The 64-bit edition is supported by 64-bit Windows 10 and 11. The 32-bit edition will run under any version of windows right back to Windows XP.

Click on one of the following links to download Alpha Paint 64-bit 15.0a revision 3. This file is 43,382,272 bytes in length.

Alpha Paint 64-bit:
Download US
Alpha Paint 64-bit:
Download UK
Alpha Paint 64-bit:
Download FTP

Click on one of the following links to download Alpha Paint 32-bit 15.0a revision 3. This file is 45,094,400 bytes in length.

Alpha Paint 32-bit:
Download US
Alpha Paint 32-bit:
Download UK
Alpha Paint 32-bit:
Download FTP

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As of this writing, if you have previously registered or upgraded to Alpha Paint 14, we invite you to upgrade to Alpha Paint 15 for half price. We are able to provide some limited support for the version 14 software, but it's becoming increasingly vulnerable to changes in Windows and some third-party security products.

If you have previously registered Alpha Paint 14 and you need to download the final release to reinstall your software, please contact us for a download link. Be sure to include your Alpha Paint 14 registration name and key.

Alpha Paint 9 through 12 have reached their ends-of-life, and they have been removed from distribution. We no longer have replacement installers for these products. We are able to provide replacement registration keys and limited support for Alpha Paint 14. We recommend that you register Alpha Paint 15.

Alpha Paint™ is a trademark of Alchemy Mindworks Corporation.

The title graphic at this page, Power Button, is by xoox xooxman, and is used under license from The monitor graphic is used under license from DryIcons.