Indecent Images CD-ROMs

Long before there were pixels...

If you enjoyed the Indecent Images web page, you can own some of the paintings discussed therein.

The artists of the pre-Raphaelite brotherhood — and other Victorian-era painters working in similar styles — created some of the most sensuous and evocative images. While most of us have seen these pictures in reproduction or as coarse JPEG files on the web, they can only be truly appreciated by those fortunate enough to view the original canvasses. Sadly, scattered throughout galleries and private collections around the world, these pictures are generally only accessible to someone with a lot of time to kill and a private jet.

The Indecent Images CD-ROMs are almost as good as being there. We've licensed photographs of one hundred truly breathtaking paintings from Christie's Images of London, one of the world's leading image libraries. These pictures have been professionally photographed onto four by five inch transparencies and laser-scanned as Photo-CD files. Vastly superior to the reproduction in books and art prints, these pictures are as close to the originals as technology can manage. Each CD-ROM includes fifty paintings.

The Indecent Images CD-ROMs include a complete multi-resolution Photo-CD image pack for each painting, as well as high and low resolution PNG and JPEG copies of each. All the graphics have thumbnails, suitable for browsing with Graphic Workshop. Each CD-ROM also includes an HTML document with some commentary and background for selected pictures.

The Indecent Images CD-ROMs cost $4.99 per volume plus applicable shipping — please visit our secure server e-commerce page to order on line, or call our toll-free order desk at 1-800-263-1138 9:00am to 5:00pm EST.

These discs are compatible with Windows 98, ME, 2000, NT, XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 and better. The image files on the Indecent Images CD-ROMs can be read on a Macintosh or a Linux system with suitable software.

The Indecent Images CD-ROM volume one includes the following paintings. You can view thumbnails of all the pictures — but they don't begin to do justice to the images on the CD-ROM.

Midsummer Night
John Atkinson Grimshaw
The Awakening of Adonis
John William Waterhous
Boreas and Orithyia
Oswald Von Glehnlle
Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema
The Roses of Heliogabalus
Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema
Now is Pilgrim Fair Autumn's Charge
John Byam Liston Shaw
William Merret Hodges
The Queen of the Tournament
Frank William Warwick Topham
Green Summer
Sir Edward Coley Burne Jones
Illustrations to the Morte D'Arthur
Arthur Rackham
The Muse Erato at her Lyre
John William Godward
Expectations (1885)
Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema
Feeding the Peacocks
Alfred Sacheverell Coke
Paolo and Francesca
Edward Charles Halle
The Accolade
E. Blair Leighton
Lord Frederic Leighton
Dante Gabriel Rossetti
The Soul of the Rose
John William Waterhouse
Hero Holding the Beacon for Leander
Evelyn de Morgan
Fair Rosamund
John William Waterhouse
The Fisherman and the Siren
Ekwall Knut
The Forty-Nine Daughters of Danaides
John William Waterhouse
A Study for La Belle Dame sans Merci
John William Waterhouse
The Crystal Ball
John William Waterhouse
John William Waterhouse
The Household Gods
John William Waterhouse
Parsifal in Quest of the Holy Grail
Ferdinand Leeke
God Speed
E. Blair Leighton
Beaute Romane
Wiliam Adolphe Bouguereau
In the Golden Days
John Melhuish
Ophelia and Laertes
William Gorman Wills
My Fair Lady
E. Blair Leighton
Wiliam Adolphe Bouguereau
Albert Joseph Moore
At Aphrodite's Cradle
Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema
Wilfred Gabriel von Glehn
Charles Edward Halle
Portrait of a Lady
Dante Gabriel Rossetti
The Frog Prince
Edward Frederick Brewtnall
The Toilet
John William Godward
The Grace Cup
William John Wainwright
Dante Gabriel Rossetti
Flaming June
Lord Frederic Leighton
Il Barbagianni
Valentine Cameron Prinsep
Sea Shells
Albert Joseph Moore
Lord Frederic Leighton
St. George Slaying the Dragon
John Byam Liston Shaw
The Loving Cup
Daniel Maclise
Henry Holliday
Looking Seaward
John William Godward
The Indecent Images CD-ROM volume two includes the following paintings. You can view thumbnails of all the pictures — but they don't begin to do justice to the images on the CD-ROM either.

The Siren
Sir Edward Poynter
La Vague
William Adolphe Bouguereau
The Fountain of Love
Jacques Clement Wagrez
The Four Seasons
F.R. Pickersgill
Mianda (The Tempest)
John William Waterhouse
George William Joy
Cave of the Storm Nymphs
Sir Edward Poynter
Sir Francis Bernard Dicksee
The Awakening of Psyche
Guillaume Seignac
Paul Gustave Christophe Dore
Les Nereides
Gaston Bussiere
Adolphe Weiz
At Low Tide
Sir Edward Poynter
William Adolphe Bouguereau
Venus Verticordia
Dante Gabriel Rossetti
William Clark Wontner
When Claudius is Away...
A. Pigma
The Cock Fight
Guglielmo Zocchi
Boucles D'Oreilles
William Adolphe Bouguereau
The Boudoir Rose
Henery Thomas Schafer
The Pet Dove
Heywood Hardy
A Deep Sea Fantasy
Charles Courtney Curran
The Embarkment of a Roman Queen
Ettore Forti
The Birth of Venus
Robert Fowler
The Overthrowing of the Rusty Knight
Arthur Hughes
May Morris
Dante Gabriel Rossetti
John William Waterhouse
The Bracelet
Frederic Lord Leighton
The Delphic Oracle
John William Godward
Evelyn de Morgan
The Serenade
Leonard Raven
The Bath
John R. Weguelin
Edward John Gregory
Charles Eduard Boutibonne
Bertuccio's Bride
Edward Robert Hughes
A Classical Nude
Edward Perseus
The End of a Weary Day
Downing Delapoer
A Difference of Opinion
Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema
The Naked Piper
Arthur Hill
An Apodyterium
Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema
A Vestal
John Atkinson Grimshaw
Young Woman Standing by Tiger Skin
A.H. Longmaid
Arthur Drummond
The Flowers of Venus
John William Godward
The Damsel of the Lake
Frank Cadogan Cowper
A Voluptuous Smoke
Charles Edouard Delort
The Sleeping Princess
Sir Edward Coley Burne-Jones
The Princess Sabra led to the Dragon
Sir Edward Coley Burne-Jones
The Sleeping Girl
Ellenor Corbet nee Ough
Maria Stillman nee Spartali

$4.99 EACH

Note: The images on these CD-ROMs have been scanned from copyrighted photographs which are used under license. By purchasing these CD-ROMs, you are buying the right to use these images for your entertainment only. They may not be duplicated or used in any commercial context without a negotiated license from Christie's Images. For example, you can use them as screen savers or wallpaper on your computer, or print them out and pin them to a nearby wall. You cannot use them as book covers, magazine illustrations or web page graphics, or distribute the image files on disk or over the internet, without the permission of the copyright holder.

Please also note that because the images on these CD-ROMs are scanned from real, unretouched photographs of real paintings, you'll see extraneous details such as frames, easels and colour matching cards in some of them. In addition to the original Photo-CD images, these discs also include sets of images which have been cropped and cleaned up, for use as wallpaper and screen saver graphics. You can, of course, crop and resize the original images as you wish with Graphic Workshop.

Finally, we'd be remiss in failing to point out that some of the subjects in these paintings aren't wearing much of anything. While it would be a tenuous stretch of the imagination indeed to describe them as "adult," these pictures may not be suitable for viewers who are extremely easily offended.

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If you have any questions about the Indecent Images CD-ROM Collection, please send us some e-mail.

These CD-ROMs were originally mastered back in the late twentieth century. By an odd quirk of technology, the laser scanning system that was used to create them no longer exists, and the paintings they include probably wouldn't enjoy quite as sophisticated a level of reproduction were the CDs authored today. The slightly historic nature of these discs, however, means that they include several fairly dated bits of software and HTML content. None of these ancillary elements are required to access the paintings — you'll probably want to ignore them.